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Live Wise 2014

My favorite quote of all time is “never die of some one else’s misery.”    I think it originated from a french philosopher in the 1700′s who most likely escaped the guillotine and felt compelled to share his wisdom with the surviving population.  The irony of that quote is that folks are suffering and literally dying from their own misery.  Misery they inflict upon themselves through their unwanted behaviors.

Life is messy.

Millions of folks are on disability, suffer from unexplained symptoms of depression or unwanted behaviors.

We all need support to overcome the adversity of life and here at LIVE WISE LIFE, our mission is to provide current content, resources, tips and strategies,  that can help you in real time, real ways to live a better, wiser life.  You can bounce back, you can recover and restore your life to one that will flourish.

With rapidly approaching changes to health care and the looming possibility that in spite of the intentions of health care reform – we will experience anything but reform and millions will be left off worse than before, not being able to find relief from pain, illness, injury, addiction, depression, anxiety and unexplained symptoms.  They will not be able to afford insurance let alone be able to pay for  the care they need.

The answer to health care reform is to reform YOUR health.  Find wellness.

Let us be your personal  resource for transformation.  Maybe you can’t change the suffering addict in your life but you can change yourself and you can live happy – even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Our journal facilitates change for people in crisis.   We provide information and resources about the latest brain science. The bodies voltage, neurotransmitters, vitamins and healing, high performance for athletes, challenging conventional treatment approaches, and positive psychology to enhance wellness possibilities and so much more.


http://joom.ag/7c3b Issue 2 of Live Wise magazine

http://joom.ag/BH3b Issue 3 of Live Wise magazine

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