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Plenty of Time To Be Dead

In 2002, when one of my childhood best friends came down with an aggressive type of cancer at age 49, she would send me random postcards.  Little did we realize that she would be gone within 3 months. It was a devastating loss for her family and friends. I miss her everyday.

She lived her life to the fullest until it became impossible to be pain free and she could not leave her bed. Not to be stopped or to miss out on the precious moments she had left; she attended her oldest daughters wedding from her hospital bed… her husband wheeled it into the chapel.  That is living.

Cancer sucks. But so does every life threatening illness and behaviors. My oldest son is a raging, chronic alcoholic and will die from it – I’m quite sure.

My favorite postcard from Elaine is this one:

20171015_170710 (1)

Lets live every day in happiness and love.

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