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Valentines Day and French Fries

It’s Valentines Day.


The ancient Romans may  be responsible for the name of our modern day of love. Emperor Claudius II executed a man on Feb 14 ( in the third century) known as Bishop of Terni who healed the sick and is thought to have been executed  because he tried to convert Emperor Claudius to Christianity. Others say the sentence came because he was caught secretly performing weddings, defying a ban on marriage that had been imposed by the Emperor as a solution to a military recruitment crunch.  Poor Guy.

Now there is another story: “Historians aren’t 100% sure about the origins of Valentine’s Day, but many believe it all started as the pre-Roman empire ritual known as Lupercalia, which sounded like a real hoot. Every February 13 – 15, goats and dogs were sacrificed at an altar by the Luperci (or “brothers of the wolf”) as an offering. After that, folks were anointed in the blood of the animals, wiped clean with some wool soaked in milk (as one does), and feasted until they were full and drunk. Then came the best part: the Luperci took the skins of the sacrificial animals and ran around naked, smacking people with them. Here’s how Plutarch describes the festivities:”

You decide which legend you like best.

How nice that Valentines Day has evolved into a happy pagan love and romance fest where greeting card companies, florists and chocolate companies benefit from the extreme commercialization of another holiday.

I like Valentines day because my grandmothers maiden name was Valentine. She worked at the local See’s Candy Store which meant our candy needs were always met with loads of yummy chocolate.  I liked my Grandmothers name so much when I had my only baby girl I wanted  to name her ” Lacey Valentine” . But I was overruled – Hubby said no way- she’ be teased her whole life.  That’s true. But I still love that cute little name. And I love See’s Candies – it reminds me of people I love.

sees candy

Valentines day can be happy for some people and sad for others.  In elementary school I always worried I wouldn’t get cards from some classmates even though I gave one to everyone.  It was a day of anxiety if you didn’t have a boyfriend. I remember one year when I was 17, my high school boy friend left a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear on my front porch before school.  That was really nice and romantic.

This year I bought my sweet hubby of 45 years a a french fry cutter.    He will love it. Nice commercial grade, easy to use and clean lines.  And sharp !  This is an amazing fry cutter. Who knew, shopping for a french fry cutter  would have such a variety of styles and price ranges… I wanted something sturdy and long lasting – we make fries 3-4 times a week. We are mad about potatoes.  Wrap that baby right up with a nice homemade card.

french fry cutter

I know not everyone has a significant other to woo and coo over on Valentines day – if that’s you – Love yourself. Do something nice for yourself. Treat yourself to a French Fry Cutter. Or at least some roses and a teddy bear and have some fry’s.



Happy Valentines Day my friends.




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