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God Has Pets

Hugh Prather has this great snippet in  one of his books :  “ Sometimes I get the feeling  God has pets and I’m not one of them. “
I love this.  “The fact is nothing will go right today. And if it does, it will only scare you.”
  When you feel that God isn’t watching. That he doesn’t answer prayers. That you feel alone and defeated… Is it possible that God does love you so incredibly much that we cant even comprehend it?
Sure, maybe God is busy today and on the other side of the world but his ministering angels – one picked just for you is standing by – with sword drawn to protect you and comfort you.
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You are Divine in every way.  A child of God who wanted to come to earth and live a life that would prepare the way to return home again… to heaven.
What? Why don’t you believe that?   because… I pray and pray and pray and never get an answer. Because I don’t feel my prayers are heard.  Because, I thought life would be easier.  It can’t be true.  why – what is it all for?
Sometimes its hard to grasp such a concept.
If God loves me why is there so much suffering ?
Because without the bad – without the suffering – which arrives differently for everyone…we would never seek or desire the Good… It would have no meaning. We wouldn’t be able to choose happiness and joy.
So- what do we do with the suffering?  Because sometimes, it’s not going to get better. The answer is not going to come today.  We can give up, whiter and die believing God has indeed abandoned us or maybe he isn’t God after all.   Or…
We can suck it up, We can walk forward, put our face to the warmth and light of the sun (Son), consider that we have something to give back to the universe. That we have lived, suffered enough and thought deeply enough about hard experiences to be able to process that grief and suffering into something of value for someone else.  That you and me… we are loved by God. That is what out faith creates.. a trust in things unseen.  We can pray better and love ourselves more kindly.  You’ll be fine.
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