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Thursday Thoughts: Stop being afraid

You can’t heal what you can’t speak.

It’s an interesting truth. That when our lives become scary and overwhelming, out of control, happiness eludes every effort to smile, fear becomes the monster under the bed.

“When things go bump in the night.”


I am terrified of thunder and lightening storms. When I was a child -even as a teenager, I would make my sister sleep in the same bed to protect me from the terror.  The monsters would get her first and I would be safe. Yes- I was willing to sacrifice my younger sister to the monsters under the bed so I could live another day.

She wasn’t afraid. I was.

“Fear is the worst part of suffering. It’s the horror of no hope.  It shrinks ones path. It can make a crippled limb into a paralyzed life… ” (Wayne Brickey- Make Sense of Suffering)

When I asked my 94 year old Mom what would be the one piece of advice she would want her grandchildren to know.  She thought for a few minutes and relied with “Don’t be afraid.”  I was a bit surprised by that – but she went on to say – that when you can live fearless, everything will be okay. You will be just fine.

She was right.

No one but you is responsible for your own human dignity… shake it off and speak your pain, speak your fears. Just spit it out and love what is.

And lets move on into a life of wisdom and fearlessness.  All things can and will work for your best good when you open yourself up to the healing the fear.

You will be just fine- Don’t be afraid.






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