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Best Pain Relief Cream

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You can easily make the best joint, muscle and arthritis pain relief cream.

When it comes to relieving the pain, swelling and stiffness of achy joints and muscles, many people reach for their Aspirin or Tylenol… some may even be over medicating themselves with opioids or steroids.

There is a better way for general aches and pains and arthritis. You can use a trans-dermal or topical approach that can target the area and help avoid some of the body-wide side effects of oral pain relievers.

Why take toxic analgesic pills when a great, soothing pain cream will do the job.

A homemade cream will be less likely to itch like store bought analgesic creams.  It won’t have the chemical ingredients used to make the cream.

If you are suffering from:

  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • A healing bone break
  • Muscle aches and pains

You can easily make this affordable, non toxic, amazing pain cream.  It works wonders on Arthritis pain – even Rheumatoid Arthritis. Get off those cortisone creams and steroid pills.

I love rubbing this into my knee joints for my nighttime restless legs. You can use this as often during the day as you need to.

It works great for a recovering broken bone ( after the cast is off),a sprained ankle, runners injuries, frozen shoulder, arthritis and so on.

It’s very soothing and effective with areas of bruising, relieving the pain and reducing the swelling. This cream actually will help heal the area instead of just blocking a pain signal.

The objective with all pain is to reduce the swelling and inflammation as well as reduce the pain. They go hand in hand… If you reduce inflammation- you will reduce pain. If you reduce the inflammation within the tissues and cells, you will achieve a quicker healing.

Gather your ingredients from Walmart or Amazon or your local grocery store. You may already have supplements on hand you can use.

1 cup  Vitamin E Cream ( you can buy any brand – this is what I use)


7 Tablespoons Hydrogen Peroxide – you can buy this at your grocery store. Everyone should have this for their first aid supplies.  It adds oxygen to the cream.

4- 200 mg B6   tablets B6

4- 500 mg Vitamin C tablets  Vitamin C

2- 10,000 i.u. vitamin D tablets  vitamin D

6- 220 mg  Naproxene    naproxene

20 drops of Arnica Montana oilarnica.jpg or 12 tabletcellsalts6x Arnica Montana Cell Salts   (the oil has a yellow tinge and may stain – I love the oil)

Use a ceramic or glass bowl or glass measuring bowl to mix your ingredients in. Don’t use metal. Don’t use plastic.

You will need a blender or  Magic Bullet or Ninja  to crush your tablets.

20180324_191938If you have a pistil and mortar – that works great for crushing tablets.   20180324_192023

You can crush your tablets all together. Blend them and crush them to as fine a powder as you can.  Place in the glass bowl and add your Vitamin E cream and Hydrogen Peroxide. ( if you are using Arnica oil instead of tablets this is where you would add your drops of oil) You can put back in your blender to super mix the ingredients – it will add air and make your cream “foamy”.

And there you go. The perfect handmade pain cream. Safe for kids.  You can keep it in the fridge if you prefer it to be cold and firm.  And you have plenty of leftover supplements to make pain cream going forward as you need it.

It will not leave a greasy sticky residue.

pain cream

(My cream is pink because the Vitamin B6 tablets I used were red)

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( All products linked above I am an Amazon Affiliate. I do use these products. As with any health and beauty product, you use at your own risk. Do not stop taking any prescription medication without discussing with your physician)


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