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I want to be Master Chief

Do you think anyone wakes up in the morning and says to themselves…

“Yay… I am going to lose at life today – I’m going to be a total loser today.”

No. No one wants  to be a loser – but yet it happens to most of us at least once in our lives… if not all the time for some people.  Sometimes failure is good- there are many lessons we can learn and apply to  our lives to not fail again…but many people just can’t turn that corner.

I have been in ruts where I just couldn’t finish anything I started.  I have had failures and I have had great success’s… but I still feel insecure about my future endeavors. Will I succeed? Will I achieve the objective in mind? Why can’t I stay focused?

I was wasting time scrolling on Twitter the other day and came across this great thread where a fellow was describing what it took to become a “Master Chief” in the Navy.

boats navy

I won’t bore you with the thread. The take away was this:

It’s really hard to become a Master Chief.  Many people look for shortcuts and secrets to passing the tests without putting in the time and effort to do it right and they fail time after time.

My twitter friend was describing how when he was working and struggling with his efforts advance to this high level in the Navy he would ask  the question: “What does it take to become a Master Chief?”

What does it take?  The answer he said was always : Sustained Superior Performance.  Not effort- but performance.   In other words, do your job (whatever that was) to the best of your ability, every minute of every day. No exceptions.

In addition – it wasn’t just about you – it’s about the mission. You must include others in your intention -to guide others to be the best as well… I see that as “bless the lives of others.”

Boom!  It was an eye opener. Consider those words. No wonder I can’t finish what I start.

  1. I couldn’t sustain my interest – let alone my effort and certainly not my performance.
  2. My efforts, my involvement, my commitment was not superior… it wasn’t even good.
  3. My performance was – I barely showed up. I didn’t perform.

So what do you do to create such a intention in your life?

Decide on one single objective to focus on.

Maybe that could be getting a better job, a promotion or writing a book.

Or… improving your spirituality or finishing your degree.

How about finishing a project you started.

Then-you educate yourself, increase your training, learn more skills, listen, practice, practice, practice, you serve others, you prepare… then you perform.

You will have done it.  You will have sustained a superior performance.  You will have cleared the bar you set for yourself.


I figure it also requires you to stop doing all the things that are obstacles to performing at a sustained superior level.

Get off social media – stop wasting time

Turn off the TV

Stop boozing your brain stupid ( no drugs either)

Turn off the negative whining attitude

Distractions – internal and external make our discipleship impossible.

Some will do it… most won’t. It will be too hard. They will still look for short cuts and secrets. They will fail.

My twitter friend said:  “We have to do the work. It’s tedious and it’s painful and there’s no glory in it.”

The reward comes at the end when you have accomplished what you set out to do. Sometimes – just knowing you finished something you started is enough.

I am ecstatic to understand the difference between effort and sustained superior performance.

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