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LiveWise, located in the beautiful Rocky Mt. West.  We provide current content on wise living and well being. The desire to live an optimum life, wanting to flourish again, overcome adversity, get healthy, wealthy and wise is within all of us.

Our purpose is to provide a resource for well being, recovery, wisdom, alternative health and resilience different from ordinary vanity content. Our  magazine resources are  free and available online as  vibrant digital editions to  our network of subscribers,  throughout the year. We also provide access to Live Wise books and other products.

Our content is fresh and timeless. Who doesn’t want to have resilience and recover from hardship.  Who doesn’t want to find good health again? Who doesn’t want to believe in hope and personal possibilities.

We invite you to read this raw and riveting tale of one Mom’s battle with her adult alcoholic son. You will find there is hope and joy even when a drunk is living on your porch.

Killing Me With Your Booze


This magazine is for you. Download here:

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