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Wednesday Wisdom

It takes courage and independence to think on your own, to plow your own field, to not follow the crowd - no matter how good the message may sound. 

My Addicted Adult Child has Come Home to Live and it’s Hell.

I could make a list a mile long of all the things loved ones - who don't abuse drugs or alcohol can never wrap their head around addiction.  You don't understand it! Who does? When I would talk with parents of addicts - I simply say "Happy people don't do drugs."  Ponder that for a few minutes.

Fame or Infamy

I was scrolling through twitter this morning while on the exercise bike and not really reading anything except headlines and ignoring trolls. I scrolled past...

Finding the Best Vacuum Cleaner Visit our product review sight. Funny and helpful information today on finding the best vacuum cleaner you will ever need.  Today we got the...